Protected Places

Preserve Rules

All properties are managed strictly for nature preservation. Welcomed uses include nature study, photography, and walking. To avoid damaging vegetation, please stay on trail where possible.

  • All dogs must be leashed and cleaned up after
  • Hunting by town permit, only. Inquire at the Town of Webster for details.
  • Absolutely no guns allowed on the property
  • No bicycles allowed in the Big Woods, but they are allowed in the Big Field and Meadow.
  • No horses or motorized vehicles
  • No removal of any vegetation or dead wood
  • No camping or fires
  • No trail cutting or marking of trees
  • Please respect neighboring properties
  • Please be aware that ticks infected with Lyme Disease are found throughout New York State. Please review this information about Lyme Disease.
  • Note that poison ivy is present throughout the region and may be present on Genesee Land Trust Preserves. Please wear long pants, appropriate footwear, and do not touch plants that look like poison ivy. For more information on how to identify poison ivy, please review this information.
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