Salmon Creek Preserve

Location: Town of Greece, Monroe County

Size: 58 acres

Description: This preserve is along Salmon Creek at Braddock Bay and consists of freshwater cattail marsh. Part of a large wetland complex extending through the Towns of Parma and Greece into Lake Ontario. Historic nesting habitat for NYS Endangered Species, Black Tern.

Public Access: There are no trails on the Preserve - it is mainly accessible by water. However, for land access to viewing wildlife, there is a pull-off parking area at the corner of Hogan Point Road. There is a sign for Braddock Bay Wildlife Management area at the parking area and a dirt trail leading onto the property. Visitors can walk down to the marsh habitat at their own discretion. The other option is to drive to Burger Park. There is a pull-off parking lot, and you can walk down to the creek from there. The trail will eventually connect to Salmon Creek Preserve.

Photos by Jamie Spiller, Jay Greenberg, Nigel P. Kent, and Genesee Land Trust staff

History: 40 acres donated in 1991 by John Beaty and Patricia Beaty. 4 acres donated in 2001 by Paul and Janet Weitz in memory of Edward E. Weitz and Anna and Christian Weitz. 14 acres were purchased in 2006 from George Baist, whose family had owned land in the area for three generations.

Adjacent lands have been protected by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Town of Greece extending preservation of this key migratory bird and wetland habitat from Manitou Road to Braddock Bay.

Getting There

Driving Directions: From Lake Ontario State Parkway, follow Manitou Beach Road (Rte 261) southwest. Turn left (south) onto Manitou Road (Rte 261).