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Partners in Preservation

Together with partners we can make positive changes for the health of the community, changes none of us could do alone. Here we recognize our partners in preservation and thank them for the wonderful work they do.


Braddock Bay Bird Observatory

Genesee Land Trust and Braddock Bay Bird Observatory (BBBO) created a partnership in 1999 to preserve the land where BBBO had been conducting migratory bird research each spring and fall since 1985. To see birds close up, you are invited to join our annual ice cream social and open house each spring.

Quick fact: More than 300 banders from 25 states, Canada, Mexico and Australia have been trained in BBBO's beginner, advanced, and teen banding classes.

Visit the BBBO website and learn more about our collaboration on this page.


City of Rochester

Genesee Land Trust acts with neighbors, volunteers, and community partners as friends of Conkey Corner Park and the Thomas R. Frey Trail at El Camino. Starting in 2000, Genesee Land Trust acted as the catalyst to transform an abandoned rail line into a neighborhood trail. Conkey Corner Park, a gateway to the trail was built in 2008 and is now a community hub for the neighborhood. In 2012, residents and neighborhood organizations celebrated the opening of El Camino, a City of Rochester park.

The trail was re-dedicated to Genesee Land Trust board member Tom Frey in 2017 for his commitment to the trail and neighborhood.

Quick fact: Over 300 community volunteers built the playground in 2010.

Visit the City's page about El Camino and learn more about our collaboration on this page.


Conkey Cruisers

Conkey Cruisers is a grassroots neighborhood bicycling program, founded by Theresa Bowick, a Registered Nurse and local resident. Theresa developed the Conkey Cruisers Bicycling-to-Better-Health Voyage in 2012 in hopes that neighbors will inspire neighbors to stay active, make healthy lifestyle choices, and create a positive image of their neighborhood.

On summer evenings, families, youth, and seniors all ride the Thomas R. Frey Trail at El Camino. According to Theresa, the six-week program brings everyone to ride together because “it takes a village to be a village."

Quick fact: By 2017, Conkey Cruisers had ridden over 1,000,000 miles.

Visit the Conkey Cruisers website to learn more.

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Cracker Box Palace

Cracker Box Palace and Genesee Land Trust together preserved the 627-acre Alasa Farms property on Sodus Bay. A no-kill farm animal haven based in historic barns, Cracker Box Palace has an extensive volunteer program caring for the animals, a Large Animal Rescue Team, and many fun events throughout the year. In addition, Cracker Box Palace has an active adoption program for animals that are ready for a new home.

Quick facts: In addition to the farm, Cracker Box Palace and Alasa Farms has over seven miles of trails for you to explore.

Visit the Cracker Box Palace website and learn more about our collaboration on this page.

Friends of Webster Trails

Friends of Webster Trails (FWT) is the volunteer arm of the Webster Parks and Recreation Department. When FWT was established in 1997 its only activity was the maintenance of the Hojack Trail-- but that has quickly grown to include spots like Whiting Road Nature Preserve, Gosnell Big Woods Preserve, Four Mile Creek Preserve, and more. These trails provide a place for hiking, cycling, running, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.

Quick fact: FWT has now built 19.5 miles of trails in Webster-- all ready for you to explore.

Visit Friends of Webster Trails website to learn more about the organization and to become a member.

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Full Lotus Farm

Sarah Hilfiker and Sam Zguta worked at Peacework Farm for the 2017 season before taking over management of the land in 2018 to become the next farmers of this protected farm. Full Lotus Farm follows a permaculture model of farming which increases organic matter retention, cycling of nutrients in the soil, and decreases erosion.

Quick fact: The farmland at Full Lotus Farm has been organically farmed for nearly three decades.

Visit the Full Lotus Farm website to learn more about the farm and this page to learn about the protected land they farm on.


Genesee Valley Audubon Society

Genesee Valley Audubon Society (GVAS) is a chapter of the Audubon Society that serves the western New York region. GVAS focuses on sharing their commitment to and love of birds and wildlife in order to educate and advocate for the protection of the wildlife habitats that they need and caring for the environment. Genesee Land Trust and GVAS partner on projects throughout the year including guided walks, educational programs, and projects that improve habitat for native species.

Quick fact: GVAS sponsors R Falcon Cam, a website that shares live streaming video of Peregrine Falcons living in downtown Rochester.

Visit the Genesee Valley Audubon website to learn more.


Project HOPE

Project HOPE (Healthy Outcomes through Participation, Education, & Empowerment) is a program of the Ibero-American Development Corporation focused in the El Camino neighborhood. Starting in 2009, Project HOPE and Genesee Land Trust have developed events centered on El Camino and Conkey Corner Park including the Harvest Festival, 5K Walk @ El Camino and the myelcamino website for the neighborhood. HOPE has facilitated a community-led El Camino revitalization plan, developed the HOPE Garden and initiated the Project CLEAN (Community, Law Enforcement & Assistance Network).

Quick fact: HOPE hosts Farmstand and Conkey Corner Play at Conkey Corner Park-- providing fresh food and programing for kids each summer.

Check out their Facebook page to learn more.


Peacework Farm LLC (retired)

In 2009, Genesee Land Trust and Peacework Farm developed a model that provided a long-term commitment to sustainable farming practices and low barriers to access the land for new farmers. The Peacework Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) – led by Elizabeth Henderson and Suzanne Wheatcraft – worked with Genesee Land Trust to buy the land from Rebecca Field Kraai and develop the lease that continues today. Learn more about the history here.

Greg Palmer and Ammie Chickering continued the farm after Elizabeth retired. In 2017 Greg and Ammie retired, passing the lease to Full Lotus Farm.

Quick fact: Peacework was one of the first CSAs in the country when it began in 1989.

This protected land is now farmed by Full Lotus Farm. Learn more about our collaboration on this page.

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Sanctuary at Crowfield Farm

Sanctuary at Crowfield Farm was formed to help families and individuals reconnect with nature and Native American traditions-- located on land that is protected by Genesee Land Trust with a conservation easement donated by Rebecca Field Kraai. The trails are open to the public for exploration.

Quick fact: Sanctuary offers outdoor programs for grandparents and their grandchildren to connect to nature together.

Visit the Sanctuary website and learn more about our collaboration on this page.

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Since its formation in 1989, some of Genesee Land Trust’s strongest partners have been the Towns throughout the greater Rochester region. Notable projects have included Corbett’s Glen in Brighton, Gosnell Big Woods in Webster, Lehigh Crossing Park in Victor, and protecting valuable farmland in Macedon, Ontario, and Walworth.

Photo by Nigel P. Kent.


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