Full Lotus Farm

Location: Town of Arcadia, Wayne County

Size: 115 acres

Description: This farmland property is owned by Genesee Land Trust and leased to Full Lotus Farm. The property is an organic farm bordered by high-quality woodlands, wetlands, and Ganargua Creek.

Photos by Full Lotus Farm and Genesee Land Trust staff

History: Genesee Land Trust joined with members from the Genesee Valley Organic Community Supported Agriculture to preserve this prime farmland that has generated healthy food for generations. The purchase of the land from Rebecca Kraai was made possible by the 2005 Preserving Nature Forever campaign.

In 2007, Genesee Land Trust and Peacework Farm developed a model that provided a long-term commitment to sustainable farming practices and low barriers to accessing the land for new farmers by creating a long-term lease. Learn more about the history of this unique model of farmland protection here.

Today, Genesee Land Trust owns the land and has a long-term lease with Full Lotus Farm to keep the land a working farm. Prior to being leased to Full Lotus Farm, the land was leased to Peacework Organic Farm.

This is a unique partnership between Genesee Land Trust and the farmers that lease the land. The intent of this model is to supply agricultural land to farmers at an affordable rate and enable the production of local produce for the community.

The farm is open by appointment only. Check out the Full Lotus Farm website to learn about the farm and upcoming events.