Cornwall Preserve

Location: Town of Williamson, Wayne County

Size: 74 acres

Description: Located in the Hamlet of Pultneyville, Cornwall Preserve offers spectacular views of Lake Ontario, important habitat for plants and animals, active peach and apple orchards, and walking trails. Habitat highlights of the Preserve include 2/3 mile of high bluff lakeshore, 12 acres of mature woodlands, a 13-acre wildflower meadow, and 30 acres of early successional habitat. The Preserve provides homes for a variety of special plants and animals including migratory birds, raptors, pollinators, small mammals, and amphibians.

Named after the Cornwall family, the Preserve honors the agricultural legacy of the land with active apple and peach orchards managed by neighboring farmers. Please stay out of the orchard areas on your visit to the Preserve.

Please note Cornwall Preserve is closed on Wednesdays for orchard management.
Cornwall Preserve Rules

Trail Description: The parking area for the Preserve is located at 3975 Lake Road. Beginning at the kiosk, there is approximately 1.5 miles of trail accessible to the public. The meadow trail is approximately ½ mile towards the lake, winding through the newly planted wildflower meadow. And the end of the Meadow Trail, the Lake Bluff Trail stretches along the Lake’s edge to the east and west, offering spectacular views of Lake Ontario. By following the Lake Bluff trail to the west, you will come to the Woods Trail that is a ½ mile rolling loop trail through a mature woodlands with sugar maple, beech, hemlock, and oak trees. Over the coming year, we will continue to work on improving these trails and adding new trails.

History: This history of the land dates back to the early 1800s when the Martin family settled on the land and the farmer’s daughter, Elizabeth, fell in love with William Cornwall, a young man who had come west with his brother, Andrew, searching for a better life. Many generations, stories, and apples later the land was sold from the Cornwall family to Genesee Land Trust. As the new owners of the land, Genesee Land Trust will keep the land in its natural state forever, preserving the history and agricultural heritage of the Cornwall farm alive. To learn more about the Cornwall family and to read stories from the land, visit the kiosk located at the parking area.

Getting There

Driving Directions: From Rochester, take 104 East through Ontario. Take a left (heading north) on Fisher Road. Stay on Fisher Road for 3.2 miles, then turn right on Lake Road. Follow Lake Road for another 3 miles. The parking area and kiosk for Cornwall Preserve will be on your left, right after the Lakeview Cemetery.

Approximate Address of Parking Lot: 3975 Lake Road, Williamson, NY 14589

GPS coordinates: 43.279685, -77.192146


Photos by John Griebsch, Nigel P. Kent, Lap Chung, and Genesee Land Trust staff