Christine Sevilla Wetlands Preserve

Location: Town of Caledonia, Livingston County

Size: 23 acres

Description: This cattail and wooded wetland preserve is part of a much larger (1000+ acres) wetland targeted by NYS DEC for protection. The juxtaposition of this property's wet meadow, cattail wetland, and swampy woods make it an excellent habitat for dragonflies, butterflies, and other unique fauna. The Preserve is notable not only for its wildlife habitat but also for its geological significance. Underlying the wetland are unusual deposits of "marl" (a combination of calcium and limestone) formed since the last glaciation period approximately 10,000 years ago.


History: The Caledonia Wetlands Preserve was donated to the Trust for permanent protection in 1991 by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rueger. The preserve was renamed in August of 2010 in honor and in memory of Christine Sevilla. A long-time member and friend of Genesee Land Trust, Christine was a greatly respected artist, educator, and environmentalist who had a great interest in wetland protection.

Accessing the Preserve: Access to this preserve is via an access easement over two privately owned properties. Please be respectful of the landowners and avoid using their property as a meeting spot. See access map in the photos below.

  • Park along Iroquois Road, near the big Preserve sign. Do not block driveways or mailboxes.
  • Please meet people near the roadside parking.
  • Walk to Preserve via driveway of 3728 Iroquois Road. Stay to the right (west) of their lawn and look for Genesee Land Trust signs.
  • Stay to the right (west) of horse pasture. Do not feed or touch the horses.
  • Look for trail signs, "Preserve Boundary" signs, and kiosk after passing horse pasture.

Trail Description: The trail begins at the kiosk near the Preserve entrance. A trail map is present on the kiosk. There is a mowed trail in the field leading to a boardwalk trail and an observation deck.

Getting There

Driving Directions: Preserve is located on the south side of Iroquois Rd between Wheatland Center Rd and Feely Rd. Access to the Preserve is through privately owned property; please see "Accessing the Preserve" instructions above.

From Rochester:

  • Take 383 south (Scottsville Road). Stay on this road through Scottsville. 
  • Turn left (south) onto Wheatland Center Road (route 174). 
  • Turn left (east) into Iroquois Road.
  • Parking will be along the road, near the Preserve (~3748 Iroquois Road).

Approximate Address of Parking: Parking is along Iroquois Road, next to "Christine Sevilla Wetlands Preserve" sign on south side of road. (Address of pedestrian access: 3728 Iroquois Road)

GPS coordinates: 42.975681,-77.818147

Preserve Rules

Photos by Nigel P. Kent and Genesee Land Trust staff