Conkey Corner Park

Location: City of Rochester, Monroe County

Size: 1 acre

Description: A pocket playground and beautifully landscaped park, in the heart of Rochester. The Conkey Corner Park was an important first step in making the dream of a walking, biking greenway through the city a tangible reality. It also acts as a neighborhood gateway to the Thomas R. Frey Trail at El Camino - a trail through the neighborhood that has funding from a Federal Transportation Enhancement Program grant, as well as support from Eastman Kodak Company.

Public Access: The park is open to the public and connects to the El Camino Trail. For more information, visit the City of Rochester website.

Photos by Qingyi Yu and Genesee Land Trust staff

History: The park, funded by a grant to the Genesee Land Trust as part of the City of Rochester's sector capital program, was designed by Environmental Design and Research after community participation during two public meetings in 2008. Executive director, Gay Mills and board member, Tom Frey, worked with neighborhood associations, such as group 14521 and Ibero Development, for years to create strong partnerships with these groups and with individual neighbors along the future trail corridor as well as with the City of Rochester.

Students from the neighborhood schools #8, #50, and #22 worked hard to transform the vacant lot into a garden waiting for spring. Laurie Broccolo, Broccolo Tree & Lawn Care, and her staff took an active role in organizing what was needed for the creation of a new neighborhood park, giving volunteer time, and also establishing a list of plants that could be donated for the gardens. Many Genesee Land Trust members and friends took part by donating native plants and shrubs. Materials were gathered to begin work on a small playground and game tables within the park.

Getting There

Driving Directions: Conkey Corner Park is located at the intersection of Conkey and Clifford Avenues. Parking is available on Conkey Ave.

Approximate Address of Parking: 92 Conkey Avenue, Rochester

GPS Coordinates: 43.174868,-77.619272