Hipp Brook Preserve

Location: Town of Penfield, Monroe County

Size: 94 acres

Description: This Preserve is mostly wetland, with habitat types including deciduous swamp, cattail marsh, flowing stream (Hipp Brook), and upland grasslands. These areas provide habitats for great horned owls, wood duck, numerous songbirds, as well as fox, raccoon, deer, other mammals, numerous species of butterflies, frogs, and salamanders. Wildflowers are numerous, and include cardinal flower, marsh marigold, and closed gentian. The Hipp Brook preserve is one of only three Class 1 wetlands in Penfield - the other two are Thousand Acre swamp and Irondequoit Bay.

Trail Description: The Wild Iris Path is approximately ½ mile long, with boardwalks and mulched ground. Several benches are available for resting. Access to Wild Iris Trail is off of Brougham and Phaeton Drives

Photos by Elinor Osborn, Gloria Weyerts, and Genesee Land Trust staff

History: Assembling the puzzle of Hipp Brook Preserve began in 1990 and continued through 1999. Land donors included Monroe County, Fran Hirsch, Paul Petrella and Scottwood Builders, and Crosstown Construction. Now under single ownership, Genesee Land Trust manages this wooded wetland as a nature preserve.

Getting There

Driving Directions: Brougham Drive runs west off of Jackson Rd between Atlantic Ave to the north and Whalen Rd to the south. Parking is at the end of Brougham, look for signs to Wild Iris Trail. There is also limited public access off the south side Atlantic Ave, between Jackson Rd. and Baird Rd. at the Frontier switching boxes. There is no trail from there.

Phaeton EntranceClick here for a map.
Brougham Entrance: Click here for a map

Approximate Address of Parking: 
Phaeton Entrance: 100 Phaeton Dr., Penfield
Brougham Entrance: 110 Coachman Dr., Penfield

GPS Coordinates: 43.139074,-77.4646