Lehigh Crossing Park

Location: Town of Victor, Ontario County

Size: 57 acres

Description: Once a crossing point for three rail lines, the park lies between the Auburn and the Lehigh Valley multi-use trails. The parkland has a variety of habitats: wetlands, woodland, open field, and a tributary of Irondequoit Creek. These habitats are home to a variety of birds, waterfowl, and mammals.

Trail Description: The park features about 1 mile of easy, flat, crushed stone and grass trails. From the parking lot, follow the 10-foot-wide stone dust trail 0.2 mile to a pond. Taking the trail east takes you up a small hill, through a meadow, and through the woods to the Lehigh Valley Trail. Following the trail northwest takes you to a mown grass trail, through the woods, and into an open field with mown paths that link to the Lehigh Valley Trail and the Auburn Trail.

History: A series of Victor Town Board resolutions at its January 8, 2001 meeting officially thanked the donors of 57 acres of land to the Town, honored the Genesee Land Trust for its assistance in the transaction and declared the land public parkland.

"The Victor Town Board commends the Genesee Land Trust for its dedication to land preservation and for facilitating the recent donation by Henry Hansen and John Turner to the Town," said Supervisor John Richter. "A Town of Victor designated land trust, GLT preserves land in many ways, working together with interested individual landowners, municipalities, and other organizations to reach the common goal of protecting open space.

"When Mr. Hansen approached the Genesee Land Trust about donating this land to the Trust, we soon realized that it could be a wonderful addition to the Town as a link between the two trails and as a lovely spot in the middle of a highly developed area of the town." said Tom Frey, Trust President. "We are very pleased to have been able to arrange for this outcome for Mr. Hansen and Mr. Turner and the Town of Victor."

Getting There

Driving Directions: On the northwest side of Victor-Mendon Rd. (Route 251), just south of the intersection with Route 96 in Victor. Parking lot is located off of Victor-Mendon Rd., across from the Auburn Creek Driving Range.

Approximate Address of Parking: 7386 Victor Mendon Rd, Victor

GPS coordinates: 42.99509,-77.437005


Genesee Land Trust staff photos