Macyville Woods Nature Preserve

Location: Village of Sodus Point, Wayne County

Size: 34 acres

Description: Macyville Woods Nature Preserve offers high-quality woodlands and wetlands in the historic Village of Sodus Point, located feet from Sodus Bay and Lake Ontario. Protected in 2019 with support from the Village of Sodus Point, Macyville Woods has a diverse community of tree species and provides important habitat for migratory song birds along Lake Ontario and small mammals.

Trail Description: Macyville Woods Nature Preserve has approximately 1 mile of trail that weaves through old trees and along ‘Malt Marsh’— a wetland with ties to the historic Sodus Point Malt House, once owned by the Genesee Brewing Company of Rochester. At one location along the trail you can even spot the old Malt House. Another highlight along the trail is the ‘Macy tree,’ a massive old oak tree that is likely over 250 years old.

Photos by Genesee Land Trust staff

History: The name ‘Macyville’ recalls Sylvanus Macy, a New York City businessman who believed the Sodus Point area had great potential to be featured prominently in local development after the Civil War. It was Macy who built the bank that later became the customs house which stood on Sentell Street until 2001. The site of the new nature preserve is close to the where Macy lived while in Sodus Point, on what is now the corner of Seaman and Macy Streets. Tom Lightfoot, Village historian, has written an article about Sylvanus Macy and his impact on local development. To learn more about the history of the land and the Village of Sodus Point, visit the Village website here.

Getting There

Driving Directions: From Rochester, follow 104 East for approximately 27 miles into Sodus. Take a left and head north on Maple Avenue (134) for 1.2 miles and bear right on Maple Avenue Cutoff to connect to Lake Road. Turn right on Lake Road and head east for 3.3 miles into the Village of Sodus Point. Look for Seaman Street on your right, and your destination will be on your left. Please either park in one of the spots along the chain link fence or safely along the side of Seaman Street.

Approximate Address of Parking: 7474 Seaman Street, Sodus Point, NY 14555

GPS Coordinates: 43.269015, -76.998162